How It Works

It’s easy to get feedback from your customers with Merakli Marlov.

Custom Display Options

  • Custom design for your company
  • Special link for your company
  • Customizable, specific questions for your company
  • Unlimited surveys and questions

Get Their Thoughts

  • No application installation required
  • The customer accesses the survey using a qr code or link with his phone
  • Answers your questions
  • Reports opinions and complaints

Instant Analysis

Be the first to know about any issue and take the necessary actions immediately.

  • Instant SMS / email notifications
  • Customer contact informations

Take Action

Make the right move and get happy customers.

  • Your unhappy customers make their complaints directly to you, not on social media.
  • You will see your strengths and weaknesses and make the right decisions.

Easy To Understand Results

Merakli Marlov makes graphical and statistical reports.

Improve Your Business

You will be able to compare performance on a monthly basis.

Special Dashboard

You can see all results by logging in with password from the administration panel.

Employment Satisfaction Survey

You can get feedback not only from customers, also from employees and suppliers.

How To Access

Customers can access your surveys by using satisfaction button, tablet kiosk, qr code, url link or web widget.

Satisfaction Button

Customers can make a satisfaction assessment by using Marlov Satisfaction Button just in 1-2 seconds. The moment the customer presses the button, it is entered into the evaluation management panel. The company can view all results at any time. If the company wishes, it can receive the customer's negative evaluations as SMS or e-mail.


Tablet Kiosk

The survey on the tablet is always active. It can work online or offline. Receives feedback from your customer.

QR Code / URL Link

The customer can scan the QR code with the phone camera, or use Chrome, Safari, etc. reaches the survey using URL link in browsers and gives feedback.

Web Widget

With Merakli Marlov, you can also get feedback on your website. You can get feedback from your customers who visit your website as a result of the questions you have determined.